Top 5 Best Mosquito Killer App for Android in 2022

Best Mosquito Killer App for Android:- Nowadays, It is very often to see headlines regarding deaths due to diseases spread by mosquitoes. We all are aware that sickness spread by mosquitoes is no longer a matter to ignore as there are a vast number of people infected and killed. There are several measures commonly used by people to avoid mosquitoes. One such method is the use of the best mosquito killer app for android.

It kind of sounds weird that how can an app in my phone prevent my surroundings from deadly diseases spread by mosquitoes?

Well, As per the World Health Organization also, the mosquitoes-based diseases are proven deadlier and, precautions like nets and coils can use to prevent yourself from these diseases. Mosquito repellents are also widely used as a measure to protect the surroundings from mosquitoes. With the advancement in technology, electric-based repellents came into existence that uses the catalyst to attract mosquitoes and kills them using electric shock.

Similarly, there are also Sound-based repellents nowadays that can repel mosquitoes to some extent. The apps that we are mentions as mosquitoes repellent here also depend on this technology.

Now you may be thinking that Is sound even effective to repel mosquitoes?

Let’s see in detail,

Is sound even repel mosquitoes?

There are different hearing ranges of sounds for several animals or creatures. Humans can only hear sounds that have a range from 20 to 20KHz. In the case of mosquitoes, they listen to higher sounds frequencies.

So the concept behind sound repellents that they produce a high-pitched sound that is only hearable to insects that irritates them hence repels them. These applications in your smartphone try to generate Mosquito repellent sound ranges of 14KHz to 33KHZ to repel mosquitoes.

As we grow older, we lose the tendency to hear sound ranges that are higher in the human hearing range from 14KHz to 20KHz means these applications are not problematic. But take precautions while using this Anti-mosquito sound frequency with children as they can hear it because it can irritate them as well.

The sound-based repellents are also questionable as it only claims to work based on individual reviews. The studies that show that sound frequencies can repel mosquitoes are still unproven. So there are some hit and trials required to find out the best frequency that works for you and the same with application. That’s why we make a list of Mosquito Repellent Mobile app Android that works, based on positive reviews from the users.

5 Best Mosquito Killer Application for Android to Use in 2022

Well, searching for the best mosquito killer is not an easy task as we always demand the quality ones. To search for the best sellers in amazon, make sure to visit the platform and find the suitable ones as per your budget. Apart form that, you can go ahead with the below discussed apps.

Use a Phone app to repel mosquitoes is a kind of weird phrase but, now you know the concept behind you may want to know what is the best mosquito killer app for android that we can use to repel mosquitoes along with their features. The Anti Mosquito app download link also mentions after features of each app.

1. Ultrasound Barrier

Ultrasound Barrier

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This mobile application doesn’t only produce Mosquito repellent sound but also has different sound ranges for other animals too. The sound frequency that the app provides is between 15KHz to 20KHz. You can use different frequencies like flies at 16KHz, Mosquito at 17KHz, Dog at 18KHz, Cat at 19KHz, Rat at 20KHz, and even Youngster at 15KHz but, it is not advisable to use it on youngsters as this can cause headache or some significant effect to them.

The app is open-source means it is free to download and doesn’t contain any in-app purchases. Also, it is available for IOS besides Android. The app is user-friendly as it uses the Cocos2dx platform.

2. Anti Mosquito

Anti Mosquito

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The anti-mosquito sound frequency that this application is producing is highly effective as it has ranged from 12KHz to 22KHz and the highest better in the case of repelling mosquitoes. Although, you can adjust the frequencies based on your surroundings. The app is available for both android and IOS users. There are also no in-app purchases. The priority of using this app is that it is the most effective and oldest one from the pico brothers.

3. Frequency Generator – Audio Tools & Ultrasound

Frequency Generator - Audio Tools & Ultrasound

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It is not a simple Mosquito repellent app that works for mosquitoes and other flies. It is an advanced level frequency generator that can produce ranges from 1 Hz (infrasound) to 22000 Hz (ultrasound). There is a wide range of applications like musical notes, bass test, speaker cleaner, and much more where this app is useful. It is for those who required extra high frequencies to keep insects away as grasshopper that can hear sounds up to 50KHz. It is also functional in areas where mosquitoes are more and need a higher frequency.

This app has in-app purchases to remove ads and also compatible with android and IOS both.

4. Beltone Tinnitus Calmer

Beltone Tinnitus Calmer

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This app is not only an anti-mosquito sound app download for android and IOs but also a sound-based mosquito repellent. Although the app creates to calm tinnitus sound that continuously buzzing in your ear but, it can also repel mosquitoes as you can manage frequencies. It is the same that one experienced after hearing the high-pitched voice. Although, for some people, it is continuous that irritates them. The advanced feature of this app is you can listen to any music from your phone. And, the music sound compensates for your hearing capability with this app.

The ratings of this app are quite positive and, also it is available for both android and IOS.

5. Mosquito Sound

Mosquito Sound

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The interface of this app is quite simple. But, the concept is unique. The app produces the sound of wings of male mosquitoes as only female mosquitoes able to bite us and, once they breed, they repel male mosquitoes. This app generates wings vibration similar to male mosquitoes. This app is compatible with Android OS only.


1. Is a smartphone app enough to repel mosquitoes?

Ans. The answer is no since it does not prove that sound frequency can repel Mosquitoes as the research is incomplete. But, it may work but highly depends on the surrounding area.

2. What is the concept behind smartphone repellent applications?

Ans. The concept behind these repellents is to generate high-pitched ultrasonic sound that is inaudible to humans but can irritate mosquitoes hence repels them.

3. Is there any side effects caused by these smartphone repellent applications?

Ans. There is no such harm while using these applications. But, while using it, you have to careful of children and pet animals around as they may hear it and, this also irritates them.


The sound-based mosquito repellent technology is not still proven. But many people found these apps useful to repel mosquitoes. The apps generate frequencies that are inaudible to humans but can affect mosquitoes by irritating hence repels them. Few apps in the market claim to repel mosquitoes but, the working frequency irritates humans too. That’s why in this article, we list the best mosquito killer app for android and IOS that work fine with adjustable frequencies. So you don’t have any issues while using these applications.

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