Top 5 Best Indoor Mosquito Killer in India 2022 with Buying Guide

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Best Indoor Mosquito Killer in India:- It is frustrating that with extreme precautions about mosquitoes in our homes and offices, they still make their way indoors. Mosquitoes are threats to our family as they take diseases with them.

They spread deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya, etc., and also carry bacterias that do food poisoning, etc. Hence every household must kill mosquitoes. Apart from other repellents, it is necessary to have permanent protection from mosquitoes. This article mentions the top 5 best indoor mosquito killer in India that can use as a permanent repellent for each household.

Generally, people prefer several types of repellents like electric killer machines, electric swat bats, etc. In this article, you get the best indoor mosquito killer as the motive is to gather repellents best in all factors like efficiency, price range, etc.

We precisely studied each product and Key features of each one mention with their details.

The elaborated details of each product mention in their section. We also recommend reading the whole article before making up your mind about the best indoor mosquito killer for yourself.

5 Best Indoor Mosquito Killer in India to Buy in 2022

There are different types of electric killer machines in the market like some trap and kill mosquitoes, other use electric grids, one has sound waves to kill mosquitoes. So in this article, we select the best machines in each category and provide details of each product so that you have to look when buying an Indoor killer machine.

Throughout the list of indoor killers, machines select by considering all the factors that make them great. They work on different processes but done their job efficiently.

1. KATCHY Indoor Insect Mosquito Trap

KATCHY Indoor Insect Mosquito Trap
KATCHY Indoor Insect Mosquito Trap

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Everyone who used a Katchy indoor mosquito killer suggests it to be just the most beneficial insect killer. It is so powerful that when it guards no pests able to bear the consequences. The machine almost takes 5-6 hours to reach its maximum capability.

This machine has a three times more powerful trap mechanism and uses UV light technology to attract mosquitoes. The concept behind efficient trapping is that UV light enables mosquitoes to attract towards them and when they come near the machine suction fan sucks it to the machine where it gets trap on a board that had glue on it to insects not able to leave.

The machine works on mosquitoes and as well as on other insects like bugs etc. You can place them near plants where mosquitoes hide with the light off to get maximum results. Notice that it is an indoor repellent so, it works on the lower area. The product description mentions that it is not a replacement for any high-range repellent machines. So if your requirement is limited to an office and room, it is quite efficient.

The effectiveness of this machine is excellent. And apart from the working capabilities, this looks good and can use it as a lamp with a mosquito repellent mechanism.

Key Features

  • Glue trap tray
  • Three times powerful
Things We Like
  • Extra efficient
  • UV light technology
  • Elegant design
  • Long shelf tendency
  • Powerful suction motor
  • Use as a light lamp
  • Low power consumption
Things We Didn't Like
  • Efficient for a small area
  • No replace to large repellents

2. COROID Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquitoes Killer Indoor Lamp

COROID Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquitoes Killer Indoor Lamp
COROID Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquitoes Killer Indoor Lamp

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Coroid Mosquito killer lamp comes with 360nm UV light wavelength technology with an efficient attraction to mosquitos. It designs for attacking mosquitoes that generally carry viruses of dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. This is ideal for small areas like bedrooms, offices, yards, etc. It is a device that does not use any harmful chemicals to kill or trap mosquitoes.

The device works on a physical mosquito eradication technique in which a source reduction is an essential portion of a management technique. Such command action can be as handy as swapping a rail bucket, ease to catch and destroy mosquitoes, and easy to operate for most people. The main advantage of this technique is that it results in higher efficiency with low power consumption.

The operation of this device is simple with plug and use mechanism. The power button to start using directly and, it works without creating any noise. It also comes with a detachable mosquito trap tray so you can clean it with ease. It also has a feature of purple softy lighting so that it warms the surrounding in the nighttime.

As per the reviews, it is doing its job quite efficiently and, the average time it takes to vanish all mosquitoes is 4 hours. So we recommend it to use in the later evening daily for better bedtime results. It comes with the USB cable that use to power it up.

One factor is that the voltage system works on 220-240 V in India and, this works on 220V so, it might cause a problem in some areas as it is on edge.

Key Features

  • Physical mosquito eradication
  • 4 hours kill time
  • purple light feature
Things We Like
  • 360nm UV light
  • High-intensity wavelength
  • Higher efficiency
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy plug and play feature
  • Detachable trap tray
  • USB cable included
  • ABS+ plastic made
Things We Didn't Like
  • 220V manufacturing

3. TopMate Electric USB Rechargeable Mosquito Fly Swatter for Indoor Pest Control

TopMate Electric USB Rechargeable Mosquito Fly Swatter for Indoor Pest Control
TopMate Electric USB Rechargeable Mosquito Fly Swatter for Indoor Pest Control

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This is one of the top-notch swatter bats that kills mosquitoes with higher efficiency. It has a 18650 battery that makes it long-lasting and effective. It makes its place in this list of best indoor mosquito killer in India due to its quality. The design is elegant and made with high-quality plastic with simple to press the main zapper button and have a handle for maximum area coverage.

The electric grid surface is also impressionable and has a 400cm length with 3000 high voltage current flowing in it.

When you press the main button, the machine enables the killing of mosquitoes and flies in waving.

It works at maximum efficiency indoors and can be handy outside in small balconies and garden yards.

Moreover, the size is perfect. It is neither too small nor too large to miss mosquitoes. A large part of its efficiency comes from its design and shape. You need to simple wave for efficient kills. Another great feature of this bat is its bright led lights for darker places like corners and below curtains.

The average working capacity is efficient mean once fully charged, it doesn’t require repetitive charging and can work up to 4-6 hours due to its 18650 battery performance. And the charging is also simple with USB powered system.

The bat comes with premium quality ABS plastic that makes it look shiny and strength-wise durable. You can use it safely as it works on electricity and no chemical issue occurs. The only precaution is to use it carefully as it has a high voltage current flowing in the grid mesh. And try to avoid water or wet cloth to protect from damage of any part for maximum durability.

Key Features

  • 18650 lasting battery
  • 3000 mah electric grid
  • 400cm grid area
Things We Like
  • Elegant quality
  • ABS plastic made
  • Compatible design
  • Perfect shape
  • 4-6 hrs working span
  • USB powered system
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Maximum durability
Things We Didn't Like
  • Only Shock fear

4. Wosta Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller for indoor

Wosta Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller for indoor
Wosta Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller for indoor

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This Wosta Ultrasonic Killer repellent has a feature of the 2020 upgraded chipset. The repeller uses sound wave technology to repel mosquitoes and flies. Physical forces supplied by ultrasound waves uses in sound-wave technology for killing and repelling mosquitoes and, they are the source of mosquito repellents.

This indoor mosquito killing machine emits strong, non-repeating sound waves to attack ct auditory and nervous systems of almost any insect.

Hence results in the targeting pest never becomes immune to sounds again.

It doesn’t have any chemicals as there is no need to attract or poisoned pests. One advantage is that it works on almost all insects like rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes. So with this device, you don’t need any other solution regarding other insects in your homes.

It doesn’t require any trap tray. It may be a mess to remove the remaining pests to clean the area. Apart from it you don’t have anything to worry about it runs on lower power consumption and it also plugs and use type. It recommends using a device 10-30 inches above to keep it higher from crawling insects.

It covers a large area of about 800-1200 square feet and, that’s an impressive coverage. And as per the product details, they claim that this product lasts long for about 2-3 years hence save you a lot on any other external pest control system. You have any hamsters then, do not buy this product as it also affects them. Although unlike other sound wave repellent, it is safe for younger children and dogs because the frequency is low.

Key Features

  • 2020 upgraded chipset
  • 2-3 years product life
  • Cover 800-1200 square feet
Things We Like
  • Use sound wave technology
  • Non-repetitive sound
  • Powerful density waves
  • 22-65 Khz intensity sounds
  • No chemicals used
  • Simple plug and use feature
Things We Didn't Like
  • No trap system
  • Low wide-area efficiency
  • May causes on pets

5. Zemic Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquitoes Killer Indoor Machine Trap Lamp

Zemic Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquitoes Killer Indoor Machine Trap Lamp
Zemic Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquitoes Killer Indoor Machine Trap Lamp

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This machine has 360 degrees of efficiency over mosquitoes and flies without using chemicals. It has high performance in a larger area with constant efficiency. The Ultraviolet light technology not only repels mosquitoes but also prevents the section from outside pests.

The product has a purple light feature that provides warmth during sleep time with constant prevention from mosquitoes. It works on physical mosquito eradication techniques that mean there is the source reduction as its essential mechanism.

This mechanism works efficiently in killing and trapping mosquitoes with the physical force generated by source reduction. And this technique works on lower power consumption so, no worries about the efficiency of the product.

Moreover, the Best Indoor Mosquito Killer in India it is a device operating is simple with plug and use USB system. It starts trapping and killing mosquitoes automatically. It may take few hours to remove mosquitoes. So it is best to use it in the evening for a better sleep time experience.

It is a portable, nice-looking device hence can use as a lamp with a mosquito kill feature. It comes with a detachable tray to ease cleaning and has a USB cable with the product.

Key Features

  • Physical mosquito eradication
  • 360-degree coverage
Things We Like
  • No chemicals used
  • High performance
  • Constant efficiency
  • Ultraviolet technology
  • Purple light feature
  • Covers large area
  • Lower power consumption
  • USB powered
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not for bigger space

Buying guide for buying for buying best indoor mosquito killer in India 

Before  buying a product, it is very important to check on the things which are neccesary for the people. So you can check on the following things, which are required for you before buying them. The guide includes the following instructions, 


With perhaps the exception of insect repellents, which continue to keep mosquitoes at bay, the entire system effectively eliminates mosquitoes. There’s no way the mosquitoes are going to disturb humans again and perhaps spread illnesses all over the place before it gets to something like the machines. Also, neither the people nor the children are affected by the effectiveness. You may enjoy the brand while also using it to keep insects at bay. They are killed in ways where the chemical mixture is found in an exact state to ensure that the pesticides are killed.

Measure of safe

A mosquito killer machine is not only more effective, but it is also considerably more user-friendly. With the exception of sprays or diffusers that emit toxic gases, this device eliminates mosquitoes without harming you. You won’t have to worry about any negative health effects on your family in the long run. Second, the components must be kept out of reach of minors at all times. Many individuals have reservations about chemicals, but you may rest assured that they are safe. The chemical compounds are thought to be dangerous to children’s health and other things, so they should keep away.

Protection with a broader scope

A single component can effectively serve mosquito coverage in a dominant mechanism or outdoor place. You’ll be leaving once you’ve discovered another suitable connecting location. A mosquito zapper is a gadget that emits UV light rays to draw mosquitos inside. A powerful fan then collects the mosquitoes, which are then left to die in a collection dish. They don’t need pesticides or insecticides, and they don’t emit any aromas or fumes, so they’re safe to use near kids and pets. The level of protection is really good, and it is also very easy to use. 

Easily Portable

Some other currently received mosquito-killing gadgets are that they’ll be evenly distributed from one spot to another. It would be used in the living room, bedrooms, sports, as well as on the roadway. They are too easily carried and you can enjoy things in a better way too. You can make use of it to carry out all the places you are in need and change the liquid or sheet of the mat if it’s required. They don’t need pesticides or insecticides, and they don’t emit any aromas or fumes, so they’re safe to use near kids and pets. The level of protection is really good, and it is also very easy to use.

Less Irritation nature 

Mosquito-killing equipment would not produce any emotion or substances that could cause that same skin to react negatively. Then it makes no difference where you place it; there’s nothing to worry about. There are small variances in operation procedures and features in almost every mosquito-killing device on the market.

Effectiveness nature of Machine 

When proper mosquito killing equipment is turned on, it should immediately eliminate the targets. Similarly, once a caught bug gets close to the killer machine, it should have no possibility of escaping. Consider a gadget with a killing strategy that is both efficient and powerful in your search for the greatest pick. Mosquito-friendly lighting, a powerful sucking fan, and a mosquito-friendly environment are all good ideas. However, the core methods of operation of the technologies are based on luring, acquiring, detaining, and deleting. In the meantime, they rely on something like a range of electricity sources to function.


Consider things that appear to be little and light to allow for simplicity in a number of scenarios. A mobile application should suffice if they intend to utilise your smartphone at several locations on a frequent basis. Furthermore, mobility should not be sacrificed for performance. While portability is beneficial, coverage and effectiveness should not be sacrificed.

Easy Usage 

People are not particularly interested in reading installation instructions or cleaning the machine. Choose equipment that may be utilised straight away and don’t require any involvement as a general rule. It should also make dumping and cleaning trapped insects much more convenient. If you still need to change it, deploying and deleting it should be simple.

Eco- Friendly

It is apparent that mosquito-fighting machines are more effective than antibacterial chemicals and ordinary sprays. None of the aforementioned applies, however, if the equipment is harmful to the consumer, their pets, or the environment. As a result, avoid mosquito-killing radiations, chemicals, and pollutants that can harm human health and the environment. They are really friendly in nature and do not damage anyone who uses them. The perfume of the items also makes it more pleasant to use.

Range of price

Mosquito repellents are frequently used before retiring to bed. You want durable equipment, but you also don’t want any loud interruptions once you’re up and about. The expense becomes the last thing standing in your way of making a decision. Despite the fact that the amount you spend is important, you are not obligated to forego certain features or capabilities. It can be obvious that you can use a killer to make the mosquitoes stay away from me. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between outdoor and indoor mosquito killer machines?

Ans. Outdoor repellents have high-power electronic equipment that allows them to perform efficiently unlike, indoor ones that make for small area use and are quite portable.

2. Is there any best mosquito killer in India which can use as both indoor and outdoor?

Ans. The swatter bats repellents work both indoor and outdoor. But to cover a large section, we recommend buying different products for indoor and outdoor.

3. Is these electric repellent machines work?

Ans. Well, it works efficiently in smaller spaces and, for outdoor, large equipment is required. It is not as fast as chemical repellents. But if you don’t want chemicals, then it is the best option.

4. How Mosquito Killer Machines works?

Ans. It attracts mosquitoes with UV lights, then suffocates with dehydrate air suction and stores them in a trap box. Now some machines use sound technology to kill mosquitoes or have an electric grid. Although, general working is the same.


This article provides all the knowledge that require before buying any Mosquito repellent. And also have the top 5 best indoor mosquito killer in India. The complete details mention their key features, pros, and cons so that it is easy for you to select which indoor mosquito killer fits your need.

We research each product that we suggest to you. If you get a better deal in some other place, please check for the original product. Otherwise, you end up having fake copies that don’t work well because there is a lot of duplicity in this sector.

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