Top 6 Best Cheap Mosquito Killer In India 2022 – With Buying Guide

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I don’t think there exists any single person who likes mosquitoes. They spread germs, cause diseases like malaria, dengue, etc., and most importantly don’t play any positive role in the ecosystem.

That’s why here we are again with yet another article on Best Cheap Mosquito Killer In India. It is necessary for all of us to discover new smart measures to be safe from these little creatures apart from old ones like the use of chemicals that may solve one problem of mosquitoes but creates another one of harming our health with dangerous gases used in these chemicals.

There are various products available whether you search online or an offline market and the catch is that most of them are duplicate copies of the original product.

So to protect you from all those duplicates products we below gathered a list of some of the best mosquito killers for a home in India.

6 Best Cheap Affordable Mosquito killer in India 2022

Well, these below listings are the Best Cheap Mosquito killer in India that are arranged on the basis of affordability criteria unlike their functionality means they are operated on different mechanisms but doing the task effectively.

Let’s have a look at them,

Best Cheap Mosquito and Insect Killer Racket

1. HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet – Rechargeable Insect Killer Bat with LED Light

HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet - Rechargeable Insect Killer Bat with LED Light

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Godrej Hit is one of the well-known brands in this type of product manufacturing industry. This Hit Anti Mosquito Racket is another very effective product from their side which covers the maximum area of working as compared to other products in the competition.

LEL light is also provided which enables the killing of mosquitoes in dark areas like table corners, etc.

This Racket is made from ABS plastic which is an aircraft-grade plastic that enables this racket to be extra strong and durable. It also has a long battery life of 400 mAh which takes up to a month of standby shelf period. This product easily captures mosquitoes and kills them effectively because it uses 3500 high DC voltage power.

This product is easy to use with hassle-free and basic functionality which consists of three modes that are OFF, ON, and ON with LED light. Alos. it has a very compact and sleek designing which enables tight and controlled holding for efficient swing.

Key Features

  • 3500 high power DC voltage.
  • Unique shape with basic functionality.
Things We Like
  • ABS Aircraft-grade plastic used.
  • Compact and sleek designing.
  • LED Feature available
  • 400 mAh 1month standby battery
  • Environment-Friendly packaging
  • 6 months warranty
Things We Didn't Like
  • Electric shock chances due to high voltage.
  • Required moisture-free environment.

Best Cheap Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine

2. Voetex Zone Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine Trap Lamp

Voetex Zone Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine Trap Lamp

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This product is designed to work efficiently due to its sleek and compact designing which only concentrates to kill mosquitoes in one go. Firstly it uses 368nm UV light rays which are higher than any other product in this category which totally shows the sole purpose to make this product. Secondly, it poses this UV light ray at 360 degrees which enables us to kill off mosquitoes in every possible direction.

If we talk about the concept used, Best Cheap Mosquito killer in India uses a photocatalytic reaction that emits carbon dioxide similar to human breath attracts mosquitos in an insect trap box hence dehydrates airflow that causes instant death to mosquitoes.

One other unique feature of this product is its strong suction capability. The fan that is used in this lamp creates a strong vortex near the UV light rays so that when a mosquito flies near the lamp due to UV light it effectively attracts the mosquitoes inside the trap box with the help of a vortex that moves wind in the required direction. This also creates a strong centrifugal force that helps to trap mosquitoes inside the trap box for a longer time frame for better results.

Key Features

  • 360 degrees UV light emission
  • Strong suction fan
Things We Like
  • Uses 368nm Uv light rays
  • Emits strong centrifugal pressure
  • USB charging facility
  • Compact and sleek designing
  • Durable and portable
  • Waterproof and easily cleanable
Things We Didn't Like
  • The battery is not that long-lasting
  • NO warranty availability

Best Cheap Mosquito Killer Electric Insect Fly Bug Zapper Trap

3. Luvina Anti-Mosquito Lamp Electric Insect Fly Bug Zapper Trap Catches

Luvina Anti-Mosquito Lamp Electric Insect Fly Bug Zapper Trap Catches

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Luvina Anti-mosquito lamp is known for its preciousness to kill mosquitoes. The precision of this product is very high as compared to others due to the larger area that helps to create a strong vortex and increment in centrifugal force produced by vortex with the help of wind.

It uses photocatalytic technology to attract mosquitoes, Best Cheap Mosquito killer in India. The suction fan rotates which leads to the creation of a vortex. The designing of this product enables proper duct ventilation that supports the vortex more as compared to other Lamps that lead to an increment in centrifugal force that able to bind mosquitoes in the insect trap for a longer period hence preciously killed them.

This product runs on the lower power consumption of 5V with a 50 HZ frequency and also enables charging with a USB facility. This product uses 365nm bionic violet UV light rays which catch the mosquitoes up to 6 feet.

It is made from durable and strong PP+PC plastic which is a higher grade material that provides a waterproof covering to the inner mechanism that helps in cleaning the Lamp directly with water.

Also, it is easy to clean the insect trap box due to the product’s compact and sleek design.

Key Features

  • Preciousness with a compact design.
  • Works on the frequency of 50HZ
Things We Like
  • PP+PC Plastic used
  • Durable and strong body.
  • Photocatalytic technology
  • 365nm UV light rays
  • 5V Lower consumption
  • USB charging facility
Things We Didn't Like
  • Escape guard prevents better cleaning
  • No warranty available

Best Mosquito Killer Lamp for Home

4. LIOMES Mosquito Repellent LED Lamp

LIOMES Mosquito Repellent LED Lamp

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This product of Liomes brand is the Best Cheap Mosquito killer in India because it uses human bionics technology to attract mosquitoes. It uses a 365 nm bionics light wave that does the task in three stages, firstly it attracts the mosquitoes and then traps them, and lastly kills them.

It has a built-in suction fan that moves 360 degrees. The work of this fan is to attract the mosquitoes from all the direction and made them trap inside an insect trap and then gets killed due to dehydration of airflow.

The design of this product is so nice that it is so easy to clean you just have to remove the trap box and remove the killed mosquitoes with the help of a twist. The Lamp is waterproof so you can clean it directly with water.

This Mosquito Repellent Lamp is portable with a 5V DC voltage power supply that operated on low power consumption and a compact-based USB supply is used. It sucked the mosquito in a strong vortex and then the mosquito gets killed due to dehydration of airflow, this is called the inhale-style mosquito-killing technique.

Key Features

  • 5V dual and lower power consumption
  • Work on MOsquito eradication technique
Things We Like
  • 365nm bionic lightwave
  • Uniquely design to attract mosquitoes
  • 3-layer capture mechanism
  • Inhale style mosquitoes killing
Things We Didn't Like
  • Work only with 3 amp USB plug

Best Electronic Fly Inhaler Mosquito Killer Lamp

5. FIGMENT USB Powered Electronic Fly Inhaler Mosquito Killer Lamp for Home

FIGMENT USB Powered Electronic Fly Inhaler Mosquito Killer Lamp for Home

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This product is recently upgraded to its new air duct system design which contains a grid fan that not only sucks mosquitoes inside the insect trap but also prevents escaping of mosquitoes.

Best Cheap Mosquito killer in India uses photocatalytic technology to attracts mosquitoes. Along with this vortex is created with the help of a suction fan which has unique grid wings that prevent mosquitoes escape along with centrifugal force so they both make no chances of mosquitoes escape. It also designed in the way to create air pressure that kills the mosquitoes by suffocating them.

Another feature of this product is the funnel system which ensures that mosquitoes can’t run away even if they able to escape from the suction fan. This lamp has 3 system that prevents mosquitoes from escaping the lamp inside the area using an intelligent optical control sensor it is like a confirm death trap for mosquitoes.

The UV light rays that are used in this product are 365nm bionic purple waves and battery operated with 5V lower consumption along with USB charging availability.

Key Features

  • Intelligent optical control sensor
  • The new air duct system
Things We Like
  • 365nm Uv light mechanism
  • 3 layer instant mosquito kill technique
  • 5V lower power consumption
  • USB chargeable
  • Compact and durable designing
Things We Didn't Like
  • No warranty available
  • Build quality is not good as per the review

Best Cheapest Mosquito Killer Bulb in India

6.UNIQUE ICON E27 Insect Repellent Night Lighting Dual LED Light Bulb

UNIQUE ICON E27 Insect Repellent Night Lighting Dual LED Light Bulb

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This product is unique as its name says because it uses a concept in which there is a repellent machine with a light bulb. The mechanism is easy the LED light brightens the room while the blue UV light attracts the mosquitoes into the insect trapping grids that kill them in seconds.

The working of this product is uniquely similar to the concept it uses. You can place it on normal LED light holders of standard ones with a 110V socket. Whenever you turn the switch ON both the LED light and the repellent machine start. If you want to use only the Repellent machine then turn the light switch ON, Off, and then ON again. While using it on the repellent machine the only option you can see a blue Led light which indicates only repellent mode is ON.

While using the Best Cheap Mosquito killer in India product the energy consumed is low because the concept behind this product is that the circuit is designed in such a way that energy gets wasted during normal LED light provided to the repellent system so it consumes the same energy as normal Led light and provides dual efficiency in return.

Key Features

  • LED light with repellent.
  • Powerful grid zapping mechanism
Things We Like
  • Works on 110V normal supply
  • Eco friendly
  • UV light feature attracts mosquitoes
  • Not operated on Battery
  • Covers 500 square feet
  • 600-lumen output with 60V LED bulb
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not compatible with dimmer switches

Buying guide to be seen for Mosquito Killer Machines 

When you are going to buy a product, it is very important to know the best features which are to be seen and noted. Some of the guide details which are needed to be upgraded for people to check and notice are, 

Effectiveness of the killer machine 

With the exception of mosquito repellents that also continue to keep mosquitoes distant, the whole device eradicates mosquitoes thoroughly. There really is no way the mosquitoes should bother people again and maybe disseminate infections everywhere just before it gets to something like the machines. Also the effectiveness does not affect the people or the children. You can enjoy the brand and also make use of it to stay away from the mosquitoes. They are being killed with the ways where the mix of the chemicals is found in an exact state to make sure the pesticides are killed.

Safety Measures 

Not only is a mosquito killer machine more effective, and it is much more user-friendly. This gadget kills mosquitoes without injuring you, with the exception of sprays or diffusers that generate hazardous gases.  Throughout the long run, you won’t have to worry about any adverse consequences on your family’s health. Secondly, the components are essential to be placed very much out of reach of children. Many of the people are sure about the chemicals, but at the same time, you can be sure of their safety. The children are said to be stay away as, the chemical compounds are little harmful to their health and other things. 

Wider Coverage to the Protection

In a predominant mechanism or outdoor location, a single component can efficiently serve mosquitoes coverage. You’re due to leave once you’ve found another proper attaching site. A mosquito zapper is a device that attracts mosquitoes inside by emitting UV light rays. The mosquitoes are then collected by a powerful fan and left to perish in a collection tray. They don’t require any pesticides or insecticides, and they don’t release any odors or fumes, so you may use them safely around children and pets. The protection is very much high and also comfortable to use. 

Easily Portable

Some other currently received mosquito-killing gadgets are that they’ll be evenly distributed from one spot to another. It would be used in the living room, bedrooms, sports, as well as on the roadway. They are too easily carriage and you can enjoy things in a better way too. You can make use of it to carry out all the places you are in need and change the liquid or sheet of the mat if it’s required. 

Irritation Less Equipments 

Mosquito killer equipment would not emit emotion or compounds that can really create an adverse response to that same skin. Then that doesn’t matter where you put it; there’s nothing to be concerned about. About every mosquito killing equipment you’ll find on the market has minor differences in operation procedures and features. However, the technologies’ underlying mechanisms of operating are dependent on enticing, acquiring, detaining, and eliminating. These, meanwhile, depend on something like a variety of sources of electricity to be operating.

Effectiveness nature of Machine 

When proper mosquito killing equipment is turned on, it should immediately eliminate the targets. Similarly, once a caught bug gets close to the killer machine, it should have no possibility of escaping. Consider a gadget with a killing strategy that is both efficient and powerful in your search for the greatest pick. Mosquito-friendly lighting, a powerful sucking fan, and a mosquito-friendly environment are all good ideas.

Portability mode 

Consider products that seem to be tiny and lighter to allow for straightforwardness when used in a variety of situations. If they aim to use your smartphone at different locations on a regular basis, a mobile application should be enough. Furthermore, mobility ought not to come at the expense of performance. While portability is advantageous, coverage and effectiveness should not be compromised.

Easy to use

People don’t really want to bother wasting your time reading installation instructions or cleaning the machine. As a general rule, choose devices that can be used right away and don’t require any involvement. It should also make the emptying and cleaning of trapped insects much easier. Again, deploying and removing should then be simple if you still need to replace it.

Nature of Eco-Friendly

This same usefulness of mosquitoes fighting machines over antibacterial agents and traditional sprays is clear. However, none of the above applies if the equipment has any negative effects for the consumer, their pets, or the environment. As a result, stay away from mosquito killing radiations, chemicals and pollutants that have been harmful to human health and the environment. They are so friendly in nature and do not harm any people or persons using this. Also the aroma of the things makes it warmer to use. 

Price Level

Mosquito killer generators are usually applied while going to sleep. You want to get strong equipment, but you should also don’t want any noisy intrusions once you’re out of bed. The cost becomes more definitely the last thing standing between you and your decision. Although the amount you spend is significant, it really does not force you to forgo certain features or functions. It is clear that balancing pricing and features is the approach to let it go.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQs)

1. Are Electric Repellent Machines Effective?

Ans. Yes instead of using chemicals you should always use electric ones because they are unharmful, based on smart technology, and efficient than coils.

2. How mosquitoes find Humans?

Ans. There are 5 things that make mosquitoes attracts to humans:

  • CO2
  • Pathogens
  • Clothes
  • Alcohol
  • Sweat

3. How does a mosquito killer work?

Ans. Mainly a Mosquito killing device works on two mechanisms first to attracts the mosquitoes. After attracting them to the insect trap these devices killed mosquitoes either by electric shock or heat treatment.

4. Can UV light-based Mosquito killers able to do the job efficiently?

Ans. In mosquito killer, we emit UV light that produces carbon dioxide similar to mammal breadth using Octenol that able to attracts mosquitoes efficiently, and this measure not affect human beings.

5. Can a have to use Mosquitoes killer outside?

Ans. Usually, mosquitoes gathered in places like garbage, water pit, etc so if your outside environment contains any of these things you should definitely install one for the protection of your family.


Mosquitoes are the worst insect whether we talk about harmful diseases like malaria, dengue, etc, spreading germs. Also, mosquitoes don’t contribute to the ecosystem in any positive manner. These insects only use human blood to lay eggs and multiply them to cause more damage to you and your family.

We use various ways for a long time to prevent ourselves from these problems example of used tactics are burning coil, sprays, etc. but they are also harmful to our health it is like solving one problem by creating another one. But there is advancement in technology that suggests smart measures that not only solve the problem of mosquitoes effectively but also don’t harm our health.

This article is about the type of killing machines that uses smart technology to solve our mosquitoes problem along with the best and affordable and most importantly original products that help you to protect your families from these Mosquitoes effectively.

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