Top 3 Best Rakitic Mosquito Killer Machine in India 2022

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Best Rakitic Mosquito Killer Machine in India:- Rakitic is one of the recognizable brands in mosquito killing machines in India. Mosquitoes killing machines are the product that has too many fake sellers. But with Rakitic Machines, you get original effective products that can certainly cause a change in the surrounding space.

There are various products that Rakitic delivers in the market. Some fail and, some works like a charm. We gather all those best Rakitic mosquito killer machines and make a quick list with detailed information so that consumers will get the best possible product for efficient output.

Rakitic is a brand that makes people trust by providing products based on different mechanisms to consistently solving consumer problems of mosquito repellent and killing machines.

Let us find out the best mosquito killer in India by Rakitic,

Best Rakitic Electric Mosquito Killer Machine in India

The below-mentioned Rakitic electric mosquito killer machine list concerning the overall quality of the machine. There are several working mechanisms of these machines as these are selected based on the best product capabilities. But all these machines will have the result of effective mosquito killings.

1. RAKITIC Portable USB Electric Repellent Mosquito Killer Lamp

RAKITIC Portable USB Electric Repellent Mosquito Killer Lamp

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This Raktitic Lamp works on the UV light mechanism to kill mosquitoes. The product provides a superb quality in terms of build material. It comes with an ultra-safe guarantee. It means there is no reaction and chemicals involved with the functioning of this device.

The basic concept behind the functioning of this lamp is the functioning of 365nm bionic UV light. It attracts the mosquitoes around the circular coils of the lamp. There is an electric grid that has arranged that sense and kills mosquitoes with an electric shock. The mechanism is unharmful to humans in any way and is the best way to kill mosquitoes from your surroundings.

There is a detachable tray with a machine that collects dead insects. It makes the maintenance of the lamp very efficient. It also a lightweight and portable product that you can use as per your requirements. Also, the bionic system technology covers an area of up to 60 m².

The three-dimension sound trap and upgraded airflow system enable high efficiency over mosquitoes and insects.

Key Features

  • Upgraded airflow system
  • Three dimension sound trap
Things We Like
  • Ultra-safe guarantee
  • Highly lightweight and portable
  • Easy maintenance
  • 365nm human bionic system
  • 60 m² area coverage
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not effective in the daytime

2. RAKITIC Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatter USB with Charging

RAKITIC Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatter USB with Charging Mosquito Killer

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This Rakitic electric mosquito killer bat is one of the most demanding killer machines because of its effectiveness over mosquitoes and premium designing with longer shelf life. This swatter bat provides efficient pest control with 2500-3000 volts output that kills mosquitoes at the immediate response when they tough the electric grid.

The product designs with three levels of the electric grid that provides better and compact mosquito kills. There is one special LED light also provided that enables the killing of mosquitoes in the dark.

The product can be used by charging for 1.5 hrs of full hr and as an outcome of consumption of 5 days. It has a unique charging stand as compared to other swatter bats in India. It can use as Indoor Mosquito Killer as well as an Outside Mosquito killer.

Key Features

  • Premium and sleek design
  • The unique quick charging mechanism
Things We Like
  • 2500-3000V output voltage
  • Efficient insect control
  • Three layers secure grid
  • Special LED for dark areas
  • Longer battery time frame
  • Instant bug swapper with a definite length
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not up to the mark battery life

3. RAKITIC Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

RAKITIC Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

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This Rakitic Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp also bases on the functionality of the UV Light Mosquito Killer. It is similar to attracting mosquitoes and killing them while trapping. The bionic human UV lightwave technology of 365nm uses to attracts mosquitoes towards the lamp. There 360 degrees of space kills the mosquitoes with an electric shock. It is probably one of the best and cheap mosquito killers that provide comprehensive effectiveness.

The area of coverage of this machine is about 60 m². And there is also an increase in the coverage attraction mechanism. The increased stereo sound trap enhanced mosquito-killing capabilities with immediate actions. The product enables Mute noise reduction optimization of 45dB mosquito control that kills mosquitoes effectively without disturbing you in your sleep.

The product depends on an eco-friendly mechanism as any chemical or toxic material not uses with this product. The whole machine runs on electricity and is portable to change space for better results.

Key Features

  • 360 degrees trapping mechanism
  • 45dB health mosquito effectiveness
Things We Like
  • 365 nm Violet Bionic waves
  • 60 m² area coverage
  • Enhanced mosquito-killing optimization
  • Eco-friendly mechanism
  • Compact and Portable machine
Things We Didn't Like
  • Built has cheap quality
  • Not effective in the day time

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the use of a mosquito killer lamp?

Ans. The mosquito killer lamp attracts the mosquitoes with the help of several measures like bionic technology etc. Once they trap in it, the machine choked them for killing.

2. Does UV light effective?

Ans. Yes, UV light creates a sense of human presence that mosquitoes fall under and when they came near to the machine either gives them electric shock or traps them.

3. Are electric mosquito killing machines works?

Ans. Yes, most of them work efficiently. For example, an electric swatter bat is an excellent application of a killer machine. And the machine lamps might not provide instant efficiency or low at day time otherwise they also do the job pretty well.


This article provides the best Rakitic mosquito killer machine available in the market. The products mention in the guide is premium quality effective machines that kill mosquitoes with immediate effect. Detailed information about the product also mentions. It provides a better understanding of the product’s functionality.

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