Top 4 Best UV Light Mosquito Killer in India to Buy in 2021 with Reviews

Best UV Light Mosquito Killer in India:- Mosquitoes not only exasperate with their fuzz reverberate and bites, but they are also the transporter of many deleterious diseases. There are numerous ways to remove mosquitoes like mosquito nets, mosquito repellents, etc. These fluid discharge dangerous chemicals that are not good for your health. Even Best Mosquito Killer Spray is harmful to health.

Hence the Mosquito trap captures the mosquitoes and destroys them instantly without releasing any chemicals. Here in this article, we are going to describe the Best UV Light Mosquito Killer in India.

4 Best UV Light Mosquito Killer in India With Reviews

1. KATTICH Electronic Bug Zapper Wall with Dual UV Light

KATTICH Electronic Bug Zapper Wall with Dual UV Light
KATTICH Electronic Bug Zapper Wall with Dual UV Light

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The KATTICH electric insect killer is utilized to captivate the airborne pest by blue light, such as mosquitoes and other airborne insects and then the electrifying charged high voltage metal framework will put insects to death. The exceptional created blue light from LING FENG (KOREAN BRAND) releases an ultra-violet beam which is entirely safe to human bodies and pets. It falls under the category of Best Mosquito Killer Machine.

The powerful zapper is developed with a strong 2800V Grid. The absolute aluminum Manufacturation (external body) of this bug zapper is built from a superior standard of aluminum alloy which makes it powerful. The night light stylish embellish – This beautiful Bug Zapper is created so that you can place it on a table or a Wall.

Key Features

  • This product is the Best Cheap Mosquito Killer.
  • The external body is made excellent.
  • It permits to handle for a prolonged duration of hours
  • Generating 360 degrees of maximum coverage.
  • It is utilized mainly for BEST MOSQUITO KILLER INDOOR purposes.
Things We Like
  • Excellent zapping technology is utilized.
  • Versatile application.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Effective for 500sq ft only.

2. Aken® Flying Insect Killer Machine with UV Light

Aken® Flying Insect Killer Machine with UV Light
Aken® Flying Insect Killer Machine with UV Light

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Aken Insect Killers can protect from such stiffness. This gadget doesn’t utilize chemical badger, nor does it emit contagion throughout its functioning. Its UV light and extensive capture surface are perfect for eliminating thousands of airborne insects for just pennies a day.

Aken Electronic Insect Killer operates by enchanting flying insects with its high-potency Germany-developed UV lights. This product is meant for BEST MOSQUITO REPELLANT DEVICE INDOOR.

Key Features

  • The strong insect control enchants airborne insects through two UV gas lamps.
  • The product is completely safe and harmless.
  • A unique creation.
  • A secured Cage to avoid accidental exposure to the grid.
  • It is lightweight and uncomplicated to fetch around.
  • It supports the easy installation.
Things We Like
  • Effective for 600-700 sq ft.
  • 14 months of validity.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The cost is a little bit more.

3. uptodateproductsInsect Killer Fly Electric Lamp Trap UV Light

uptodateproductsInsect Killer Fly Electric Lamp Trap UV Light
uptodateproductsInsect Killer Fly Electric Lamp Trap UV Light

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Superior Quality Kill & Pest Mosquito Insect Killer Fly Electric Lamp capture UV Night Light characteristics which are the latest Brand and superior standard accentuated Manufacturation, this Electronic Insect Killer Mosquito is the automatic pest killer Bug Zapper Mosquito holds the characteristics of the secured enclosure to avoid accidental exposure with a framework by people or pets.

Detachable washable plate for accumulating dead insects. Specifically created for the drawing-room, kitchen, bedroom, basement, etc. Bug Zapper Mosquito performs As a chemical-free option, it is safe to utilize in-home, businesses, food preparation zone, hospitals, and other indoor locations.

We assure you the pattern is similar as shown in the pictures. As a chemical-free option, it is safe to utilize in-home, businesses, food preparation zone, hospitals, and other indoor locations.

Key Features

  • Strong electronic grid.
  • Wire shackle for hanging or place it on a flat plane
  • Best useful for Mosquito, the pest Killer
  • Featured with With UV illumination
  • Featured With Electric Lamp capture
  • Best suitable to use as a chemical-free option.
Things We Like
  • A wire chain is provided for hanging.
  • Quite effective product.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Made in china product

4. MixenC203 Electric Bug Zapper, Mosquito Killer with UV Light

MixenC203 Electric Bug Zapper, Mosquito Killer with UV Light
MixenC203 Electric Bug Zapper, Mosquito Killer with UV Light

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Maintain the product functioning more than 12 hours the first time, don’t disclose the storage sheet. It is the BEST MOSQUITO KILLER FOR BEDROOM. During the working moment, ensure the mosquito death and avoid to clear out. Switch on the mosquito killer 3 hours ahead of your visit to sleep. Ensure the doors and windows are shut.

Switch off other illumination sources and Ensure no one gets in the room to seduce away the mosquitoes. The maximum status is in the dark. It is ideal as MOSQUITO KILLER LAMP OUTDOOR means Can be utilized at office, restaurants, schools, etc.

Avoid powerful wind(e.g. electric fan or air conditioner) from gusting straightly to the capture. The ETTO mosquito killer is easy to wash; To clean, just withdraw the tray and clean with warm water.

Moreover, it is the Best Battery Operated Mosquito Killer. No high-potential electricity and no zapping reverberation; abolish mosquitoes silently and cautiousness. The ETTO mosquito killer capture marks a series of light-transmitting illumination which mosquitoes find attractive, and get enchanted to the capture.

Key Features

  • The device is operative & strong.
  • Maintenance-free and simple to utilize mosquito killer.
  • The ETTO mosquito killer is exceptionally secured and clean.
  • Functional for a zone of up to 1000 sq. feet!
  • The device is simple to clean.
Things We Like
  • Good quality product
  • Highly efficient
Things We Didn't Like
  • you need to suffer little bit from mosquito killer lamp side effects

Beneficial facts involved in the Mosquito killers

As the benefits play a major role in the buying of the products, you have to check on it first. Things to be noted are also mentioned in the article for clear explanation to the people to gather the details. Since the people are aware of the mosquito causing diseases, they intend to have ideas for prevention. As things go with heavy issues. So if you have not discussed using the best UV light mosquito killer, then glance at the article for better knowledge. The features or benefits of using them are, 

Anywhere usage

Mosquito repellent products such as gels, lotions, essential oils, creams, and wipes are effective not just indoors but also outside. So, if you’re going for a walk by the lake, in the park, or in your garden, make sure you apply mosquito repellents first. Also take the UV light killer for safe zones. As they are carrying able to all the places you are visiting. 

Highly preventable from mosquitoes

They are highly preventable and at the same time, you have to check on the killer sprays. Mainly the UV rays are prepared for the exact location of the mosquitoes to kill them. They are used in high range and the advanced technology has been applied and does not look at the mosquitoes and kill them. 


Safety assurance is one of the important factors which are noticed in many factors. As some of the people are always focused about their safety measures, so that they are not getting things worse. Many diseases like malaria, dengue is caused due to the various bites of the mosquitoes. 

Available in all types

The best part about using mosquito repellent, whether synthetic or natural is that you may customize your particular protection methods. If you are allergic to pesticides or sensitive to particular lotions or gels, you can avoid mosquito bites by sleeping under an Insecticide-Treated Net (ITN).

Different forms

Mosquito killers come in the form of machines and sticks that are administered to the skin automatically. They’re also available in aerosol and pump-spray forms for application on the skin and on garments. Insecticides, on the other hand, are used to kill insects, whilst mosquito repellents are intended to repel mosquitoes. And many other things are also referred to things for the betterment of the safety precautions. 

Factors to Consider before Buying the Best UV Light Mosquito Killer

1. Area Size

It is always suggested to maintain some moderate space in mind while deciding the area or size of the room. There is no loss in purchasing a mosquito killer with a greater coverage space.

2. Placement

To choose the appropriate place for a mosquito trap, you must inspect the major breeding area so that you can capture hold of them before even they attempt to reach you.

3. Mode of Action

There is 2 category of mosquito killers – chemical-dependent and electric shock dependent. It is suggested to utilize chemical-based mosquito killers for outdoor utilization as they release some aroma.

4. Construction

Some component that you must observe concerning the fabrication of the mosquito killer is whether it is water repellant or not or how durable the device is.

5. Ease of Use

The insertion procedure is generally a difficult part but we recommend you observe for equipment whose installation procedure is easy and instant.

6. Running Cost

This consists of both the purchasing price and the maintaining price of the device since it utilizes electricity for functioning.

7. Safety

You must always inspect the protection quality of the electric mosquito killers and put it away from the approach of children and pets to prevent any danger.

8. Warranty Services

It is always recommended to purchase mosquito killers with a guaranteed duration as you can always replace them with the latest item if you find any failing in the equipment. Do not opt for the Best Commercial Mosquito Killer.

Properties to be noted in UV light mosquito killer in India after buying 

Here, we are going to discuss the properties which are indeed helpful in accessing the things for various things. So the points to be noted are, 

Basic nature of usage

The basic thing that every one of the applications will do is it will make the sound of mosquitoes and it will impact the mosquitoes to get affected by some enhancement of the sounds. The customers of the mosquito killer application will know the effect of it so the customers are genuinely aware of the unsafe diseases that are made by mosquitoes. The Users can deal with the vaporizers that are spreading the liquid observable all around to control mosquitoes. 

Disturbance can be avoided

There are heaps of opportunities to get influenced by mosquitoes. It is what causes the significant illnesses which get the opportunity to kill us. The illnesses that are brought about by mosquitoes are chikungunya and jungle fever and dengue which are exceptionally perilous and kill people. There are loads of precautionary measures to forestall mosquitoes and that is the best thing which ought to be trialled by all people. 

Hazardous nature is omitted 

We can’t say where the mosquitoes are coming from and by meandering to better places and every one of the spots that mosquitoes are going can not be given any assurance to cleanliness. So this is the major and essential thing which permits people, in general, to get influenced effectively and that are the things which caused us to get influenced by the infections that are spread by the mosquitoes. This is the fundamental motivation behind why mosquitoes are risky. 

Easy access to the device 

There are loads of mosquito executioner applications which is truly working and that is what some of you can believe that is idiotic. In any case, yes individuals we can kill keep us from mosquitoes. The fundamental thing that all the applications will do is it will make the sound of mosquitoes and it will influence the mosquitoes to get influenced by some extension of the sounds. The clients of the mosquito executioner application will know the impact.

Disease resistant devices

Furthermore, that can be constrained by the application that we are utilizing on our portable. Assuming the clients need it to deal with substantial mode implies the clients can deal with it by means of hypothesis versatile itself. The clients are permitted to work the model of the vaporizer as per the degree of mosquito. Making use of coils and killer machines like the mosquito’s bats are the best things which are the best precautions to have good health that prevents you from the bad disease and people will stay safe from the diseases. 


1. Can UV illumination kill mosquitoes?

Ans. Bug zappers captivate insects utilizing ultraviolet light. … the pests killed in the bug zappers are female (and hence biting) mosquitoes.

2. Do I require to switch my bug zapper on and off each time I utilize it?

Ans. The most methodical and effective way to operate a bug zapper is to keep it on 24/7. By doing this, you assist in destroying the insect breeding cycle.

3. Is a 2000-volt or 5000-volt bug zapper risky?

Ans. Bug zapper grids hold a great voltage, but a low current.

4. Will my bug zapper ignite if it gets too hot?

Ans. Our range of bug zappers is developed from fire-resistive plastic or metal. If for any reason they catch fire, they will automatically blow out and melt, but will not burn.

5. Does a bug zapper only captivate light-sensitive pests?

Ans. A black UV globe (glows violet) is captivating to biting pests such as mosquitoes, sandflies, etc in supplemented with flies and other light delicate pests.


Mosquitoes are conveyor of many terrible diseases and it is very significant to eliminate them. By now, we already familiar with mosquito killers are way more effective in getting rid of them instantly than utilizing other ways like repellent creams, etc

It is a piece of environmental-friendly equipment that absorbs very little power and performs effectively. Unlike other items, the above-mentioned products are the most authoritative brands. Thus all the above-mentioned products are the Best UV Light Mosquito Killer In India…

Go for it if u are impressed by any of our products.

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