Top 5 Best Battery Operated Mosquito Killer in India With Review

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Is there any Livable place on earth where people live without Mosquitoes?

Well, trust me, there’s not; that’s why this article is about Best Battery Operated Mosquito Killer in India because these little creatures not only bother us with their buzzing sounds but also contain the deadliest diseases like Malaria, Dengue, etc. within their sting.

Mosquitoes contain the deadliest diseases and have germs that they lift from places like garbage, biological wastes, etc. that then transferred to our homes with them.

Now you might be thinking that mosquitoes are not a new problem and we all are already taken various measures to prevent them ourselves then what’s new you are going to tell us?

You are right, but the measures we all are taking like using Mosquito net or chemicals that are doing the job to some extent but not that effective as Mosquito net only prevent you inside the bed and chemicals are not suitable for your health.

These old measures can be converted into effective new ways of protecting your surroundings like Battery Operated Mosquito Killer Machine.

In this article, there is a list of various best mosquito killers for a home in India with their specifications and key features. It means there are no harmful chemicals used that are not good for your family’s health.

Before directly moving towards the product list, let’s first understand the basic things we have to keep in mind before buying any Battery Operated Mosquito Killer Machine.

Best Mosquito Killer Machine in India – Exclusive Guide

1. Hunter Brand Mosquito Killer Swatter Racket

Hunter Brand Mosquito Killer Swatter Zapper Bat Racket
Hunter Brand Mosquito Killer Swatter Zapper Bat Racket

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Hunter Brand is known for its high-quality swatters because of premium raw used with compact designing that not only provides it long-lasting durability but also provide the security to use that can be used without any damage like unusual shocks along with three net designing that offers no place to mosquito to get escape once held inside the net.

The product also provides low current and high voltage, which causes more severe damage to mosquitoes in less time. This product also comes with a six months warranty that is enough time to measure its durability.

The button that enables current in the nets is convenient near the grip to hold the bat that makes it comfortable during usage. It also reported a good battery span according to most of the reviews.

Key Features

  • Convenient button to grip unique designing.
  • Three-layered net availability.
Things We Like
  • Lightweight and user-friendly.
  • Excellent and long lastingBattery backup.
  • Highly Durable and sturdy.
  • Compact shock-free designing.
  • Six months manufacturing warranty.
Things We Didn't Like
  • More effort required during swings
  • No torch availability.

2. SUPER TOY Plastic Rechargeable Electric Insect Killer Mosquito Racket


SUPER TOY Plastic Rechargeable Electric Insect Killer Mosquito Racket
SUPER TOY Plastic Rechargeable Electric Insect Killer Mosquito Racket

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This electric racket by Super Toy is different from its competitors that are available in the market due to it’s working mechanism that is based on a flyback topology transformer.

This racket consists of 2 net systems; between these nets, there is a high voltage sheet that generates higher frame voltage discharge results in enormous damage per swing; this happens due to the flyback topology transformer mechanism as the gap between them is used to form a transformer in which voltage ratios are multiplied.

This product is also designed with durable, high-quality plastic covering a large part of the racket due to the higher flow of voltage. It is also recommended not to touch the net part while in use; otherwise, shock can be experienced.

This product consists of a high coil fence that also makes it more effective as it works on 500V. It also consists of long-lasting battery backup as the charging time is 40 minutes, which gives you a battery span of almost 4 hours.

Key Features

  • Net isolation mechanisms result in higher voltage.
  • The flyback topology transformer is used in the coil circuit.
Things We Like
  • Increased effectivity due to the high coil fence.
  • High-quality plastic is used for durability.
  • A unique circuit mechanism is used.
  • Battery backup is good enough.
  • The voltage shielding of 500V enables one span effect.
Things We Didn't Like
  • High chance of shock if not carefully used.
  • No Manufacturing warranty available.

3. Thermocare Mosquito Killer Racket Bat with Powerful Battery

Thermocare Mosquito Killer Racket Bat with Powerful Battery
Thermocare Mosquito Killer Racket Bat with Powerful Battery

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This product from Thermocare competes for the decent game and the available ones in the market of the same range. Still, the standout feature in this one is the battery span is elastic; it felt lightweight and almost the same as others, but when it comes to battery holding, it can last long for about 5-6 hrs with a charging time of nearly 30-40 minutes.

The product’s build quality is quite sturdy and decent. Although not that effective, the designing ratio to grip and the power button is unique, which provides easy access during swings.

The product converts 3V DC to one thousand volts Ac with the help of a set-up transformer that leads to significant work efficiency.

Key Feature

  • Powerful Battery span of almost 5-6 hours.
Things We Like
  • Lightweight and convenient swing.
  • User-friendly mechanism.
  • Decent build quality.
  • No adverse effects and chemical allergies.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Some socket defect issues as per reviews.
  • No Manufacturing warranty available.

4. Weird Wolf Rechargeable Mosquito Racket/Bat with Lithium Battery

Weird Wolf Rechargeable Mosquito Racket/Bat with Lithium Battery
Weird Wolf Rechargeable Mosquito Racket/Bat with Lithium Battery

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Weird Wolf Mosquito racket provides the latest technology to combat mosquito killing with a more robust and larger liquid battery.

This product contains 1500 mAh of lithium battery with a function time of 30 days. This battery is based on a circuit with the capability to replace it. There is no need to buy the new product once the battery got damaged after some particular period.

This product comes under sustainable and cost-effective, highly durable products in comparison to others in the competition. It also comes up with a year brand guarantee that it can be returned in the event of a battery defect.

Other features like LED light are also provided so that mosquitoes can sometimes be found in the dark corners or under the furniture. The electrical mesh produces a high voltage that enhances the effectiveness of the system. The holding area and net surroundings are structured so that it protects us from unusual shock measures.

Key Features

  • USB-based charging facility.
  • Replaceable high capacity battery option.
Things We Like
  • 1500mAh long-lasting battery span.
  • One-year battery-based warranty.
  • LED light additional feature available.
  • USB cable is provided inside the box.
  • A hanging hook is also provided for a safe placement.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Warranty is based on only battery-based defects.
  • Cannot Charge through solar energy.

5. Hunter Mosquito Swatter Mini Bat Battery Operated Non-Rechargeable

Hunter Mosquito Swatter Mini Bat Battery Operated Non Rechargeable
Hunter Mosquito Swatter Mini Bat Battery Operated Non-Rechargeable

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This product is the mini version of the product of the same company mentioned above in the listings. This product is much like a portable mosquito swatter from the hunter, which instantly kills mosquitoes when they contact them.

It is 100% environmentally friendly that comes with a non-rechargeable battery type; you can use regular torch batteries in it. It doesn’t induce chemical allergies, unlike burning coils and mosquito sprays that we generally use.

The device’s new technology helps solve conventional repellent problems. It is also a productive way of eliminating mosquitoes.

This product from Hunter Brand has a three-layer net protection system that prevents electric shocks and accidents. It represents the device’s security measures taken for its long-lasting durability and easy access without any user damage.

Key Features

  • Convenient button to grip unique designing.
  • Three-layered net availability.
Things We Like
  • Three layers of net mechanism.
  • The environment is friendly.
  • Sturdy and durable plastic body.
  • Compact and sleek designing.
  • Six months warranty.
Things We Didn't Like
  • It Doesn’t have an LED light feature.
  • Little bulky in use due to external battery weight.

Things to be noted before buying Best Battery Operated Mosquito Killer in India

It is always important to check on the things which are necessary for the people. As some of the times, you are in online sites and you are in the range to check on the issues and details are to be checked. Because it helps you to find a better one compared to one another. The conditions or guide to be noted before buying a mosquito killer with a battery. The guide has the following things, 

  • When the right mosquito-killing equipment is turned on, the targets should be eliminated instantly. Similarly, once a bug is caught and close to the killer machine, it should be unable to flee. In your search for the best option, choose a device with a killing approach that is both efficient and powerful. Highlight that is mosquito-friendly, a powerful sucking fan, and a mosquito-friendly environment. 
  • It is apparent that mosquito-fighting machines are more effective than antibacterial chemicals and ordinary sprays. None of the aforementioned applies, however, if the equipment is harmful to the consumer, their pets, or the environment. As a result, avoid mosquito-killing radiations, chemicals, and pollutants that can harm human health and the environment. They are really friendly in nature and do not damage anyone who uses them. The perfume of the items also makes it more pleasant to use.
  • Mosquito killers with batteries are frequently used before retiring to bed. You want durable equipment, but you also don’t want any loud interruptions once you’re up and about. The expense becomes the last thing standing in your way of making a decision. Despite the fact that the amount you spend is important, you are not obligated to forego certain features or capabilities. To let it go, it’s evident that balancing pricing and features is the way to go. 
  • Consider things that appear to be little and light to allow for simplicity in a number of scenarios. A mobile application should suffice if they intend to utilize your smartphone at several locations on a frequent basis. Furthermore, mobility should not be sacrificed for performance. While portability is beneficial, coverage and effectiveness should not be sacrificed.

Types of Mosquito Killer Machine

There are three types of Mosquitoes killer machines that are widely used nowadays to prevent ourselves from mosquitoes:

  1. Mosquito Repellent based Machine
  2. Mosquito Trap based Machine
  3. Electric Trap based Machine

Let’s find out the difference between the above three:

1. Mosquitoes Repellents based Machine

In these types of machines, we produce ultrasonic sounds to prevent ourselves from mosquitoes. The sounds of any frequency above 20 kHz are considered an ultrasonic sound, and various animals like cats, dogs, etc. including mosquitoes, can hear these ultrasonic sounds. These ultrasonic sounds produce disturbances on the antenna of mosquitoes hence repels them away from us.

These mosquito killer machines don’t kill mosquitoes, keep them away from us.

2. Mosquitoes Traps based Machine

In these types of machines, firstly, mosquitoes are being attracted to the Machine and then traps or kill it.

There are various types of Mosquito traps available in the market which uses sudden techniques to attract mosquitoes. For example, one process in which trap attracts mosquitoes by imitating people’s breath; this is done by using lactic acid, lurex, co2, etc. while another method is to attract mosquitoes with the help of individual light rays.

Isn’t this interesting? Let’s see how many types of these Mosquitoes traps are available:

  1. Water Mosquito Trap
  2. UV Lights Mosquito Trap
  3. Propane Mosquito Trap
  4. Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Trap
  5. Heat Mosquito Trap

3. Electric Trap based Machine

In these machines, electric current flows between some areas, and when a mosquito comes under this area, it gets killed with an electric shock. An example of these machines is Mosquito killer rackets, which, when held over mosquitoes, stuck inside the shock area and got killed.

In this article, we will discuss the products based on these third types of mosquito killer machines used for general-purpose households or some small area.

Ok, I believe now you get the idea of the technology behind these Mosquito killer machines.

Now let’s see which things that you should have kept in mind before buying these machines:

  1. Area: These Machines are highly dependent on the place where they are going to use them. For an indoor room, a lamp or battery-operated machine-like Mosquito rackets is useful, but for a hall or outdoor, you must look for large machines.

  2. Ease of use: You have to select a user-friendly model for your home but can go with a less expensive one for your shop.

  3. For this, a place to keep is to select a location near proper electric board since these types of machines required charging or regular electricity supply and the charging area is far from children’s reach.

  4. Costs: You can select the product according to your needs and compare prices in different stores for some discount measures.

  5. Warranty: Must go with the product that provides a warranty of over six months or a year since they are highly sold with the same entity.

I hope you understand these points.

Since we now have all concepts clear in mind about the product, let’s get into the list of best mosquito killers for a home in India.


1. Which trap is more efficient among all types mentioned?

Ans: It depends on the requirement of using a mosquito trap. In general, the household uses battery-operated racket bats to get the job done. For large-scale public halls like in hospitals, companies, etc. The UV-Light trap is more effective, so it depends on the usage environment.

2. Are these Mosquitoes Killer Machines eco-friendly?

Ans: Yes, these machines are eco-friendly; this is the whole point behind creating them, and also they are more efficient than other methods like burning coils, Mosquito net, etc.

3. Are these Electric Mosquitoes Killer effective?

Ans: Yes, they are; if you are buying the right and durable product, then it helps you to kill mosquitoes without even generating poisonous gas or chemicals.

4. Will killing the mosquitoes affect our ecosystem?

Ans: No, it doesn’t affect our ecosystem because mosquitoes don’t contribute to the ecosystem positively, and killing them ultimately gets us free from some serious diseases permanently.

5. How does a mosquito killer work, and what are the types of a mosquito killer machine?

Ans: Refer to the “Best Mosquito Killer Machine in India- Exclusive Guide” section of this article.


Well, I think I have provided all the necessary concepts of Mosquitoes killer Machine in this article along with the listings of the best products available in the market whether it is about types of Mosquitoes killer machine, the technology behind different Mosquitoes killer machine, etc. in a more synchronized way so that it can cover all significant understanding regarding this product that available on the internet.

You can easily decide which product is suitable for you and the reason behind selecting the work for ourselves. I hope it helps you with a mosquito-free life.

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