Best Electronic Mosquito Killer Night Lamp In India and buying guide 2022

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Only a buzzing single mosquito is quite enough to keep you awakened overnight. Everyone wants sound overnight sleep and that’s why to keep on searching for the best mosquito repellent devices always. We have reviewed and shortlisted here the leading best electronic mosquito killer night lamp in India in this guide. We have gone through the detailed features, specifications, pros, and cons of each model so that one could easily get an idea about the mosquito killer.

A lot of people face serious illnesses and a few even lose their lives due to mosquito-borne diseases. Traditional mosquito nets, repellent creams, coils, and sprays usually do a great job but certain issues force one to opt for the best electronic mosquito killer night lamps in India.

Selecting the best electronic mosquito killer night lamp can be a bit of a complicated process for some people and that’s why we have compiled a guide here for helping out you in the same.

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

Flowtron BK-15D

If you are looking for an option that can help you in getting rid of mosquitos and insects perfectly, Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer is a best electronic mosquito killer night lamp in India to choose. The mosquito killer effectively covers an area of about ½ acres. It is a patented, highly efficient mosquito killer that is featured with advanced electronic insect control features to provide you absolute results. The presence of a non-clogging killing grid makes it a safe option to be used in different locations of your home.

The mosquito killer is being designed to provide you instantaneous operations and it also ensures users have continuous and uninterrupted services without any issues. If we talk about its power, the mosquito killer uses a 15-watt bulb. A 9-inches cord is being provided there to make it convenient to use. The presence of USDA tested Octoenol attractant is one of the other best features of mosquito killers. It is a tested and trusted mosquito killer that is featured with rugged, weatherproof polycarbonate construction so that one could easily extract long-lasting results from it.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable, rugged, weatherproof polycarbonate construction
  • Ensured high efficiency
  • Non Clogging killing grid
  • Attractive decorated look with traditional lantern style
  • Maintenance-free operations
  • The cord is not too much long

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Hygiene 40W Jumbo Flying Insect Killer UV Tube Catcher Zapper Repellent Machine

Hygiene 40W Jumbo Flying

It is another wonderful option for all those who are currently searching for a jumbo flying insect killer. This mosquito killer is to cover a larger area of about 3000 sq feet effectively. It is a 6KG mosquito killer option that runs on a power of about 40W. The mosquito killer is designed to be quite easy to install and use. The best thing about this mosquito killer is that it does consume very little power. It is smell-free and chemical-free that gives you complete relief from those annoying mosquitoes without causing any health issues to you.

The mosquito killer is feature with a forceful electronic grid that zaps the approaching insects instantly. Adding more to it, a protective cage is also being provided there to keep you safe from contact accidents. The mosquito killer does include a space-saving hanging along with a wire chain. This mosquito killer is a great option to use in indoor settings that usually face heavy pest infestation issues. The mosquito killer is quite easy to maintain. This includes a removable, easy-to-clean dead insect collection tray that you can clean off timely.

Pros & Cons

  • Protective cage to prevent contact accidents
  • Powerful electric grid
  • Chemical-free pest control option
  • Wire chain along with space-saving hanging
  • Removable washable tray for collecting insects
  • Creates a lot of noise while working

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Dynatrap DT150 Ultralight Insect and Mosquito Trap

Dynatrap DT150

It is another wonderful option on the list that provides you absolute protection from mosquitoes for about 300 sq. feet area. Dynatrap is a wonderful option for all those who are currently looking for a no-noise option. The mosquito killer does not produce any kind of smoke, pesticide, or odor and is hence safe to use. The best thing about this wonderful mosquito killer is that one can use it 24 x 7 without any issues. The bulb is design to run efficiently for about 2.5 years. 

It is a lightweight and compact design that is quite efficient in keeping your home safe from mosquitos. Portability is one of the major reasons why the majority of users opt for this option. The vacuum fan draws the insects quietly without any zapping and hence ensures you have sound sleep during the night. The electronic mosquito is specially designed to blend perfectly with your existing home decor. It includes an open and close feature that prevents the insects from escaping especially when the trap is off.

Pros & Cons

  • Works efficiently on a variety of flying pest insects
  • Easy to use and install
  • The compact, lightweight and portable option
  • Durable design and suits well to your indoor and outdoor settings
  • Doesn’t require any expensive attractants
  • Powerful trap that protects about 300 sq. feet area
  • Bit expensive

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ZIGMA Electric Bug Zapper, Insect Killer

ZIGMA Electric bug zapper

It is a wonderful flycatcher machine that is being designed to work efficiently both indoors and outdoors. If you are looking forward to the most unique and beautiful electronic mosquito killer machine that you can use both in your home and office, this product by ZIGMA is a wonderful option that we will suggest you have on. It is a powerful machine that does not eliminate the mosquitoes only but attracts, captures, and kills other insects, flies, and bugs as well. The best thing about this wonderful machine is that it does not release any kind of harmful chemicals and hence makes it safe for the users and the environment. 

If we talk about its construction, it is quite durable with sturdy metal. The mosquito killer is design as quite lightweight and compact. The electric mosquito killer is being powered by a corded electrical cable that ensures users have consistent power delivery throughout. 

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight, compact and portable option
  • Easy to use and install
  • Unique and stylish design
  • Can be effectively used both indoors and outdoors
  • Durable sturdy metal construction
  • Great value for money option
  • Bit expensive

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Buying Guide

If you are going to purchase the best electronic mosquito killer night lamp for your home and are finding it a bit difficult, don’t worry and get relax as we are here with an absolute and easy guide for you. But before heading further, we would like to tell you one thing: what electric mosquito killer exactly is. It is an electronic insect control system that is used for attracting insects towards it. Mosquitos and other insects are usually attracted to this light and they get killed by electrocution. The only things that you have to care about while purchasing the best electronic mosquito killer night lamp in India are:

How safe is housing?

The very first thing you have to do in the league is to check out its housing. The mosquito killer you are going to buy should be safe for children and pets and its design in such a way that it would not allow them to touch the electrified grids inside.

How is the light source?

The electric mosquito killer you are going to buy should be well capable of attracting insects and is safe to use on. The majority of the mosquito killers use ultraviolet light sources of mercury neon lights and that sometimes can cause safety threats.

Does it include mosquito attractants?

It is always advisable for a person to get an electronic mosquito killer that emits mosquito attractants especially when it does not emit ultraviolet light.

Check out the meshing

A two-wire meshing design is always a quite safe to use. 

How is the output voltage?

While selecting the best electronic mosquito killer night lamp make sure to choose a design that can well deliver enough voltage for killing insects. You can opt for a design with 2,000 volts and even more as well.

Battery operated or Plug In option

The electronic mosquito killer night lamps in India often come up in two different power options i.e. battery operated or plugin. It is one’s own choice which one they are going to have. A battery-operated mosquito killer is supposed to be portable and is perfect for camping whereas the plugin options are great to be used in permanent areas.

How is the device material?

The material of the electronic mosquito killer night lamp affects its durability. While making the final selection, just make sure to go with the durable option and make sure that it is waterproof, and is well capable of standing up to some wind effectively.

Including insect collection tray or not?

You can opt for an electronic mosquito killer with an insect collection tray as per your requirement. 

How is the coverage area?

Larger will be the coverage area of your electronic mosquito killer, more effectively it can control the population of mosquitoes. So, if you are willing to cover up a wider range, use a more powerful mosquito killer.


It is sometimes for a person to select and opt for one of the best electronic mosquito killer options from such a huge range of options. We have added up some of the leading options here along with and also have added up a detailed buying guide as well so that you could easily make a better option. Make sure to check out an electronic mosquito killer option that suits your needs and requirements well. 

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