Dynatrap review in full detail with pros and cons

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Mosquitoes cause itchy, painful bites while constantly buzzing in our ears. These annoying insects might cause trouble when you are sitting in the backyard and relaxing. It is irritating to keep on swatting these tiny insects whenever we go out. Many mosquito traps provide solution to this mosquito issue. Dynatrap is one such product that has been developed to give us protection against mosquito. In this post, we will see how this dynatrap works and review the pros and cons of it. In this dynatrap review, you will learn about the mechanism of action, effectiveness and the correct way to use the product.

dynatrap review 2021

Protect Yourself From Deadly Diseases!

Female mosquitoes are the ones that suck blood from humans in order to reproduce. Males just feed on plant nectar and sap and don’t bite humans. Mosquitoes aid in the spread of deadly diseases by carrying the disease causing pathogens. These diseases are mostly fatal like Malaria and Dengue. So, it is important to protect yourselves from the sharp stings of mosquitoes. There are many repellents, bug sprays, misting systems and foggers available in the market. But most of them use chemicals which act as insecticides and are quite harmful. Dynatrap on the other hand does not use any chemical and hence is totally safe. Read our dynatrap review to know more about the product.

Dynatrap: Ultimate Mosquito Trapper

Dynatrap has a dome shaped upper part which is said to power the trap. Just by twisting the dome, the trap can be switched on and off. The lower part of the trap has a power cord connected to it. This power cord must be plugged in a socket for the dynatrap to work. Also, there is a small cleaning brush to remove the insects once they are dead. The upper dome has a loop using which you can hang the Dynatrap.

Three Elements of Dynatrap

Dynatrap is said to have three elements that aid in luring and killing the mosquitoes. The three elements are UV light, CO2 emissions and a fan. Each of these three elements has a role in attracting and trapping the mosquitoes. Let us see the role of these three elements one by one in this dynatrap review.

UV light as Attractant

UV light is the first element that is present in the dynatrap which acts as an attractant. This UV light attracts the mosquitoes towards the trap. Luring of mosquitoes can happen only if the area is dark. There should be no other bright light source nearby the dynatrap.

Paint that Emits CO2!

The paint of the trap also works as attractant by producing carbon dioxide gas. The paint surface is made up of titanium dioxide which produces carbon dioxide on reaction with UV light. This attracts mosquitoes to the trap. To know the reason behind this brilliant feature, we must look at how mosquitoes target their victims. Mosquitoes target their victims based on the CO2 they exhale and through the smell of sweat. Dynatrap takes advantage of this factor and successfully attracts the mosquitoes by emanating CO2. This feature makes this dynatrap a special product in this dynatrap review.

Deadly Fan! (for mosquitoes, of course)

The product has a fan installed inside it which is the last element. The fan helps by sucking the weak flying mosquitoes and other flying insects that come near the trap. The mosquitoes and insects that get sucked will be dehydrated and cannot escape the trap. Thus they will die within 24 hours inside the trap.

Pros & Cons

  • Brilliantly combines three features to effectively trap mosquitoes.
  • Safe to use. No high voltage is involved in killing mosquitoes.
  • Free of harmful chemicals and hence odorless.
  • Unlike zappers, makes no loud sounds.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Available in many sizes for indoor and outdoor needs.
  • Indoor traps are small in size and portable.
  • Six feet long power cord.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Cheaper than mosquito magnet.
  • Requires electricity to operate.
  • If using outdoors, the cord might not be sufficient in length sometimes. You will need an extension cord to connect it to outlet.
  • Day time usage is a big no no.
  • Cannot be placed near other bright lights.
  • The UV light bulbs should be changed approximately every four months.

Where and How to Use Dynatrap?                              

Thus Dynatrap is quite effective in controlling not only mosquitoes but other insects like gnats, moths and flies. Since they come in different sizes, you can purchase according to your needs. It can lure and trap mosquitoes in one acre area too. There are outdoor models that are available for attracting mosquitoes covering such a huge area. It is necessary to suspend the Dynatrap in air. Mosquitoes are flying insects, so it is important to hang the trap some three to six feet above the ground. The place must also be dark and shady enough for the UV light to work as effective attractant. It is very easy to change the UV bulbs too.

Final words

If you live in an area infested with mosquitoes, then we recommend dynatrap. It will protect you from mosquito bites and diseases like Zika and West Nile virus. We have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the brilliant product in our dynatrap review. If you use it consistently, you can kill female mosquitoes and thereby stop mosquito breeding. Consistent use can reduce the mosquito population in your area to a minimal amount.

We hope our dynatrap review was helpful to you in deciding whether to buy the product. We highly recommend this product for its innovative design and effective strategy to trap and kill the mosquitoes.

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