How to protect your baby by using baby lotions that repel mosquitoes

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Concerned about your baby getting bitten by the pesky mosquitoes? Then you will be relieved to hear that there are baby lotions that repel mosquitoes. These lotions are considered safe to apply on your baby’s skin and protect them from painful mosquito bites. Bites of mosquitoes can be quite itchy and can cause harsh rashes.Most importantly, mosquitoes are the carriers of deadly diseases like Malaria, Dengue and Zika. Many methods have been developed over the years to eradicate this mosquito issue. In this article, we will educate you about some facts that you didn’t know about mosquitoes before.

baby lotions that repel mosquitoes

Annoying Little Creatures

Mosquitoes are really small insects that belong to the fly family. But being small doesn’t stop us from hating them because they are really annoying. A swarm of mosquitoes outside your house is enough to keep you indoors for the whole day. Some mosquitoes even affect your sleep cycle so much that you will wake up with headache due to restless sleep. Sharp painful stings which are quite itchy will leave rashes on your arms and legs. Also, the main factor that persuades us to taking precautions against mosquito bites is diseases. While mosquitoes themselves are not infecting us, they can act as carriers for few pathogens. Transmission of diseases from an infected person to healthy person occurs when a mosquito sucks blood.

Why Do Mosquitoes Drink Blood?

Not all the mosquitoes bite humans and suck their blood. It is the female ones that need blood for producing eggs. Males serve the purpose of mating and are food for birds and insects like dragonflies. They take their food from plant sap and nectar.Thus female mosquitoes are responsible for carrying the pathogens and spreading diseases that are dangerous to humans. New born babies and children must be protected at all cost since their immunity might be low to these fatal diseases. That is why we recommend using baby lotions that repel mosquitoes to keep the babies safe.

Do all mosquitoes cause diseases?

When we talk about female mosquitoes, not all species suck human blood. Only female mosquitoes of few selective species feed on human blood. The protein they get enables them to produce eggs. That is why an experiment was conducted where genetically altered male mosquitoes were produced. The gene alteration will lead to the death of female offspring and not affect male offspring. Thus, the mosquito population will reduce over certain period. There are lots of experiments going on like this to control the mosquito population.

What Is The Mechanism Of Action Of Repellents?

When we talk about methods to protect ourselves from mosquito bites, repellents deserve a special place. Repellents can protect one from mosquitoes by acting in a unique way. They take advantage of the fact that mosquitoes target their victims based on smell of sweat and carbon dioxide emissions. Thus the repellents mask the smell of the person who applies them. This way the mosquitoes won’t be able to smell the target and fly away. Nowadays, even lotions and moisturizers are available which have the ability to repel mosquitoes. If you are worried about chemicals harming your skin or your baby’s skin, do not worry. Baby lotions that repel mosquitoes are completely harmless and mostly made up of natural ingredients.

When Are Mosquitoes Active?

Mosquitoes are quite active during summer season and become less active with reducing temperatures.Some mosquitoes are active during the day time like Aedes species while other few species emerge during evening. There are a number of mosquito species that target their victims from dusk till dawn. Anopheles species that can cause malaria are an example for mosquitoes active from dusk till dawn. All we can ever do is to protect ourselves and our kids from these pesky creatures. New mothers are concerned for their babies and go for baby lotion that repel mosquitoes.

How To Stop Mosquito From Breeding?

To protect effectively from mosquito bites, we must first prevent their breeding. Breeding of mosquitoes occur in standing water in the neighborhood. Check around your house if there is any container which has collected rain water. Tires, bottle caps, sewers are all the possible breeding places for mosquitoes. They must be cleaned regularly to prevent the mosquito larvae from growing into adults. Wearing protective clothing like full sleeves, applying mosquito repellents, spraying bug repellents are quite effective in preventing mosquito bites. Beware of sprays that contain DEET and go with those with natural ingredients like eucalyptus oil.Baby lotions that repel mosquitoes are available in market and the best choice for your babies and kids.

Can Listerene Be Used As Mosquito Repellent?

While listerene is claimed to have mosquito repelling property, it is not quite effective. We highly recommend using store bought repellents and baby lotions that repel mosquitoes. Most of these repellents have lemon eucalyptus oil as the active ingredient. The effect of this active ingredient when present in more than 10% concentration is proved by experiments. They will even last for three to four hours once applied.Thus you can make use of such natural lotions and prevent yourself from getting bitten by mosquitoes.

Our Final Word on Mosquito Problem

Humans have been pondering over the question of eradicating the whole species of mosquitoes. But among the 3500 mosquito species, only a few are harmful to us. Finding ways to selectively kill the harmful ones leaving the harmless ones unaffected is quite difficult. Also, no one can be sure of the adverse effects that might be caused on the ecosystem when a species is completely wiped off. It also raises many ethical concerns. We have no choice but to protect ourselves by using repellents, baby lotions that repel mosquitoes, nets, hats and bats. Soon we hope there will be a permanent solution to this mosquito problem.

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