Why Do Mosquitoes Exist and its explanation in detail

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Ever wonder about the tiny species that irritate us and spread harmful diseases and their place in the world? Have you guessed which species we are talking about? Yes, it is the pesky mosquitoes that we are talking about. These annoying little creatures are known for their painful bites. They spread diseases which is another important factor that makes humans want to get rid of them. Mosquitoes cause diseases that are fatal to humans. They sometimes make humans wonder “why do mosquitoes exist?”and in this post, we will discuss the same. However nettlesome they might be, mosquitoes still have some important place in the ecosystem or do they? Let us see the factors one by one in this article and gain some insights on this topic.

why do mosquitoes exist in detail

How Are Mosquitoes Helping The Ecosystem?

Each and every living thing has a place in the ecosystem and contributes to the wellness of the ecosystem. This is done in one or the other way, like some organisms are food for other organisms. Without these organisms, there will be no food for others and they will not survive. This is called a food chain and each living thing is deemed important due to this fact. So why do mosquitoes exist in the ecosystem? In the same way, mosquitoes are a valuable part of food chain since they are eaten by fishes and other insects. The organism which preys on mosquitoes varies depending upon the stage of mosquito in its growth cycle. For example, if the mosquito is in larvae stage, then fishes feed upon it. In case of adult mosquitoes, some birds and insects feed on them.

Role Of Mosquitoes In Keeping Water Clean!

We have come to know that mosquitoes provide food for fishes and insects. Then, naturally, we have a question cross our mind which is what do mosquito larvae feed on? The female mosquito lays its egg in still waters only may it be a lake or a pond or just a birdbath. Thus, their larvae are available for fishes and other organisms in water. But to grow, larvae feed on algae and other microorganisms that live in the water. The most important thing to note is that while feeding upon algae and other things, the mosquitoes restore the nutrients to the water. Also, mosquitoes help in keeping the water body somewhat clean. Thus, from these facts we can see that mosquitoes play some role in balancing the ecosystem. Also, we have come to know the answer for our initial question why do mosquitoes exist.

Annoying Little Creatures!

Even though we have established the role that mosquitoes play in the ecosystem, they are still irritating. Humans know very well the annoying things that mosquitoes do. Mosquitoes bite and there bite is painful causing rashes in humans. Humans are more afraid of mosquitoes than any other creatures. Their buzzing noise can make you lose sleep for hours. It doesn’t take a swarm of mosquitoes to threaten your sleep. Usually, it is a single mosquito that keeps on buzzing in your ear and gives you a headache. Many can relate to this fact and frankly saying our first reaction to a mosquito is to kill it. This is the reason why humans keep bugging themselves with the why do mosquitoes exist question. But they are difficult to control and to get rid of. There are some best mosquito repellents that you can buy to protect yourself from them.

Carriers of Fatal Diseases!

Another dangerous thing about mosquitoes is that they spread diseases that are fatal enough to kill humans. While they themselves are not harmful, they carry the disease causing organisms from one human to another. Mosquitoes drink blood humans and if a human is infected, infected blood is carried by mosquitoes. They then go bite another healthy human infecting him with whatever disease it carried. Some diseases that are carried by mosquitoes and cause harm to humans are widely known. They include Malaria, Chikungunya and Encephalitis. Hundreds of people have succumbed to these diseases worldwide. Many steps were taken to reduce these diseases including killing the mosquitoes responsible for spreading those. These tiny creatures continue to survive any measures against them. But we can still control them and protect our family with mosquito repellents and sprays which will keep them in check.

A Final Word on the Existence of Mosquitoes!

Despite being so small, mosquitoes pose a big problem to humans. Humans have tried to eradicate mosquitoes for many decades but still these pesky creatures continue to buzz. Scientists say that only a few species are carriers of deadly diseases. This makes it much more difficult to kill them because we have to find ways to kill only the carrier species. Also, just clearing away an entire species from mother earth just seems unethical. What we can do is to protect ourselves from the mosquito bites and hope one day a better solution arrives. Hope you have enough idea about why do mosquitoes exist in this vast world of ours.

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