Top 5 Most Expensive Mosquito Killer Machine in India 2021 – With Review

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Most Expensive Mosquito Killer Machine:- In this modern world of productivity, where jobs are getting hectic, one may hardly get enough time to relax. That’s why the only comfortable time one can spend is the weather at dinner or in bed. But mosquitoes don’t let us have a little breath here too. They not only irritate and disturb sleep but most of the time, they carry harmful diseases with themselves.

Traditional mosquito repellents are not a solution to this problem because they also deliver diseases like breath inefficiency, suffocation, Chemical exploitation, etc.

Well, Technology has its way to overcome this problem. And today, we are going to discuss in detail the Most Expensive Mosquito Killer Machine as these are advanced products that deliver 100% efficiency over the mosquitoes and don’t have any significant damage to ourselves and our loved ones.

Most Expensive Mosquito Killer Machine in India 2021 – Quick List

1. Dynatrap DT1775 Insect & Mosquito Trap

Dynatrap DT1775 Insect & Mosquito Trap

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This mosquito trap is an absolute wonder for anyone looking for a one-stop solution for the mosquitoes. The product is majorly designed especially for mosquitoes but also efficient for many other insects like biting flies, Asian beetles, wasps, hornets, etc.

Alongside, the product comes with a great design in terms of weight and size to cover about 1 acre. It is durable for all weathers and can use indoors and outdoors.

Another quality of this best mosquito killer machine is engineered with a 3 Way Insect protection system. The mechanism starts with the UV fluorescent, warm light coming from the bulb inside the trap that attracts mosquitoes and other insects. Then the exclusive titanium Dioxide(TiO2) coated surface produces carbon dioxide (CO2), in the same amount as we exhale that is irresistible to mosquitoes. And once the mosquitoes start attracting, a powerful yet whisper-quiet vacuum fan placed inside the Trap Sucks the mosquitoes with a powerful suction Force inside the Retaining cage where they dehydrate and die.

This machine runs on an electric outlet output of 110 volts, similar to the Standard plugs in our household. The device also does not use any attractants like Octanol and Propane to generate carbon dioxide; this produces no harm to the breath.

The power source used by this machine is Corded Electric. Add one more thing to consider: It almost takes three weeks to trap mosquitoes in the household to make an impact and nearly six weeks to break the breeding cycles of mosquitoes that are accumulating in the range of 1 Acre.

Key Features

  • 20000 hours bulb life (2.5 years)
  • Twist to close feature
Things We Like
  • 1-acre wide coverage
  • Works on other insects
  • Three-way insect protection system
  • Used TiO2 to generate CO2
  • Powerful and quotes suction fan
  • 110 Volts standard plug output
  • Corded electric power source
  • Lightweight and premium design
Things We Didn't Like
  • Expensive product

2. Dynatrap DT150 Ultralight Insect and Mosquito Trap

Dynatrap DT150 Ultralight Insect and Mosquito Trap

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Here’s another excellent product from Dynatrap. This machine Is a One-Stop solution to get rid of all the insects indoors. This product covers up a proven area of almost 300 square feet. It also comes with a three-way insect protection system similar to other Dynatrap killer machines.

At first, the machine uses a UV fluorescent bulb for warm light that attracts mosquitoes and other insects over the range of 300 square feet. Then the titanium oxide surface is used to produce carbon dioxide that also bugs to attract mosquitoes to a greater extent. After that, a powerful vacuum suction creates a Powerful yet Quiet fan that traps mosquitoes inside the screened base without buzzing and zapping. In this screened base, the mosquitoes get dehydrated and die.

The machine comes with an additional twist-to-close feature that ensures mosquitoes inside the screen base and doesn’t get out of the device when the Trap is off.

Key Features

  • 20000 hours bulb life (2.5 years)
  • Twist to close feature
Things We Like
  • No noise
  • No harmful Chemicals
  • 300 Sq ft Coverage
  • Three-way insects protection system
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • One year warranty
  • Can operate 24/7
  • lightweight and premium design
Things We Didn't Like
  • Very expensive

3. Newbyinn Electric ULV Mosquito Killer Portable Sprayer Machine

Newbyinn Electric ULV Mosquito Killer Portable Sprayer Machine

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It is the best mosquito killer spray available that does a fantastic pest control job for all insects, especially mosquitoes. In addition, you can use it optionally with different types of chemicals on other insects like mice, moths, etc.

It comes with a highly durable design of airtight, non-corrosive, leak-proof o rings. The spring capacity is efficient with high range, intense penetration, highly durable automation of up to 5-10 meters coverage depends upon the area of utility. Moreover, the spray is adjustable for atomization And can contain a spray volume of about 5.1oz-8.8oz/ per minute. Also, with the lengthy suspension time in the air, you can access the Deep places without much hassle.

The whole machine is quite portable and disinfection. The given power cord is 5 meters long, which is convenient enough for labor-saving and row materials. For convenience, you can also adjust the fix Valve at about 60 degrees down.

It also has the facility to conveniently fills chemicals into the machine with a provided hole and a cap. It can use for places like warehouses, hospitals, schools, etc. It is compatible with almost all Commercial liquid fertilizers.

Key Features

  • Highly Efficient o rings build
  • 60 degrees valve adjustments
  • Long suspension time
Things We Like
  • Airtight designing
  • Non-corrosive spay pointings
  • 5-10 meters coverage
  • Different Spray adjustments
  • 5.1oz-8.8oz/ per minute spray volume
  • Highly durable and portable
  • Easy filling hole
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not suitable with caustic or acidic solutions

4. MOSKITRAP GM 928 Outdoor Mosquito and Pest Killer Machine Trap

MOSKITRAP GM 928 Outdoor Mosquito and Pest Killer Machine Trap

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A compelling mosquito-killing device from Moskitrap covers a wide area of 1 acre to ensure 100% deficiency of all mosquitoes in the surrounding area.

The operation of this machine is based on the Human bionic System. The double UV fluorescent light rods attract mosquitoes to inevitable extinction and produce a sense of warmth.

It is then backed with the help of CO2 produced by the titanium dioxide surface to create an irresistible environment for mosquitoes.

The rest of the work is done by the powerful suction fan date is installed With the 3 Dimension trapping system to quickly suck mosquitoes inside the anti escape box where they get dehydrated and die.

The product is manufactured to work in extreme weather conditions 24/7. During the construction of this product, the main domain is its particular mosquito escape system which uses a single-phase asynchronous motor to prevent escape and strong suction.

This product is safe around children, provides an exotic look to the surroundings, and comes with a hanging capability.

Key Features

  • Powerful mosquito escape prevention
  • Hybrid asynchronous motor
Things We Like
  • 3-D trapping
  • Human bionic system
  • Bear any weather condition
  • Can work 24/7
  • Noise and Chemical free
  • Most Exoctic designing
  • No smoke and heat
  • 1-acre area coverage
  • 2 UV light tubes
Things We Didn't Like
  • Highly expensive
  • Less ROI

5. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer Machine

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer Machine

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This Flowtron electronic insect killer is an Optimum choice for decent Outdoors like backyards, lawns, etc. It covers half an acre of the area to prevent mosquitoes by killing and reducing the breeding cycle.

It is an eco-friendly mosquito killer as it does not use any pesticides or glue-based mechanisms. The product is quite simple when it comes to its functioning. It uses 15 watts ultraviolet light tube with an optional octanol attractant cartridge to attract mosquitoes and other insects within a working range. IF using an octanol cartridge, then it should replace every 30 days. When the mosquitoes come near the Trap, it uses a powerful electric shock outlet to make them suffer in a nanosecond.

The lantern design with multi-layer grindings protects children from electric shock and also.

The whole product is waterproof and can work 24/7.

Key Features

  • Optional octenol attractant
  • Advance Protective grids
Things We Like
  • Advanced electronic insect control
  • ½ acres wide coverage
  • Eco-friendly machine
  • 15 watts light tube
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and decent design
  • 24/7 efficiency
  • High shock flowings
Things We Didn't Like
  • Short cord to design ratio
  • Every month attractants replacement


1. Do mosquito traps work efficiently?

Ans. The mosquito traps are a proven efficient source to reduce the Mosquito population over an area and even help control the spread of the American mosquito control Association.

2. Are these mosquito killers safe to use?

Ans. These mosquito Killers are safe to use in terms of both the environment and the human body.

3. What is the best-proven mosquito trap?

Ans. Although all these t traps mentioned in the above list are best performing in this industry, Dynatrap Mosquito Killer is the best in every aspect if further compared.

4. Do we have to leave Mosquito killing machines all the time?

Ans. It depends on the situation, whether you are using it all Outdoors or indoors. For outdoors, it’s best to leave it on 24/7 to break the breeding cycle of mosquitoes and for indoors, use it whenever necessary.


The list mentioned above of mosquito killer machines is one of the best in terms of industry standards. These products may hit you as expensive to some extent, but we spend tons of hours of research personally noted customer reviews on each one of them to check them in every sense.

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