How to Prevent Yourself from Mosquito Bites with Skin so soft avon?

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Mosquitoes are a big nuisance to humans despite being so small in size. Painful bites, constant buzzing and harmful diseases spread by mosquitoes are making us question their existence. For many decades, we have been searching how to get rid of mosquitoes without affecting nature in the process.There are bug sprays that kill mosquitoes and bats that electrocute them. Many mosquito repellents like Skin so soft avon are available to protect yourself and your family from the disease causing mosquitoes.In this post, we will see a few interesting facts about mosquitoes and discuss the reasons why it is difficult to eradicate them.

Skin so soft avon

What is the role of Mosquitoes in Ecosystem?

If you are wondering why mosquitoes exist in this world, then here is your answer. Yes, mosquitoes do play a role in the ecosystem. Mosquitoes lay egg wherever there is still water like ponds, birdbaths etc. The larvae that develop in the water body consume algae and other organisms living in the water. This helps in restoring the nutrients in the water and keeping the water clean up to some extent.Also, fishes and larvae of other insects like dragonfly feed on the mosquito larvae. Even adult mosquitoes are consumed by birds and insects like dragonflies, damselflies. Even frogs, lizards make mosquitoes a constant part of their diet.Also, mosquitoes help in pollination of certain plants too especially orchids.

Will Eradicating Mosquitoes Affect the Ecosystem?

It is evident that mosquitoes do play a valuable role in the ecosystem. But there comes the next question of how will the ecosystem be affected if we eradicate the whole species. The answer is the ecosystem will not be affected as much as we think. This is due to the fact that there are many foods available to organisms living in water, birds and insects. Mosquitoes will not be missed by them to say the truth. However, we don’t know their role completely as of now. Scientists are well aware that even a slightest change in the ecosystem can cause larger implications in the future. So, instead of trying to kill the whole species, it is important to protect ourselves with sprays and repellents like skin so soft avon.

Why do we Hate Mosquitoes?

Many attempts have been made to control mosquitoes and thus control the spread of diseases. As we all know, thousands have died from the dangerous diseases carried by mosquitoes like Dengue, Malaria, West Nile Virus and Encephalitis. The main reason why humans hate mosquitoes is because they carry these disease causing vectors and aid in spreading them. Only a few species of mosquitoes are able to carry and spread these vectors, not all of them. So, it will be against nature to kill the whole species some of which are actually helpful. Toxorhynchites also known as elephant mosquitoes feed on other mosquito larvae and hence are helpful to humans. It will be wrong to wipe them out too in the process of eradicating mosquitoes.

Prevent Yourself with Mosquito Repellents!

As we have seen from the above paragraphs, preventing ourselves from mosquito bites is actually a better choice than trying to wipe them out completely. There are sprays that can be sprayed on the body which can keep off the mosquitoes from biting you. mosquito repellents like skin so soft avon act really well to protect you from the annoying tiny creatures. Mosquitoes find their victims through smelling them. Sweat, carbon di oxide emissions attract mosquitoes and that is why we become targets. These repellents work in such a way that they block the smell when applied on skin. This way, the mosquitoes can’t smell the person and hence cannot bite them.

Worried about Mosquito biting your Newborns?

People are often threatened by mosquitoes more than anything else. Even a single mosquito bite can cause blisters and pain. The worst thing is that many times it will keep you up at night. Mothers of new born babies are especially concerned with mosquito bites and try to protect their little ones from mosquito bites. Many baby oils now contain active ingredients that can keep mosquitoes away from newborns. Also, there are some products like skin so soft avonthat can act both as moisturizer and repellent at the same time.This is beneficial since you get two uses out of a single product.

A Final Note on Mosquito Problem!

Mosquitoes pose a big problem to us and it is quite a challenge to try and control them. It is essential that we take steps to prevent us from getting bitten. Repellents like skin so soft avon, bats, bug sprays all aid us in avoiding mosquito bites. They have become indispensable weapons in our arsenal. We should make use of them in our battle against the pesky creatures. Hope this post has helped you to gain some knowledge about mosquitoes and how to battle them!

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